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Skype Collaboration Provider

Skype is probably the most well known IM-/ Voip- and videoclients these days. Many people are working together in various ways using Skype.

With the release of the October 2008 TFS Power Tools Microsoft had added collaboration features to the Team Explorer. One of these featues is the posibility of integrating Windows Live Messenger, Live Communicator and other 3rd party IM-clients into Visual Studio using the collaboration provider API. The current version of power tools is providing support for Microsoft’s Live Messenger (MSN) and Communicator.

The AIT TeamSystemPro team has developed a provider for supporting the current Skype client. It’s now possible to talk with your team members using your favorite client: Skype. You can send instant messages to a single person, creating group chats with your whole team, make phone calls with members directly via skype, landline - or mobile phones and last but not least making video calls.

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